Welcome to the Vermont Kung Fu Academy. This site will introduce you to the Academy, and to some of the structure and formality in studying martial arts at the school. The Vermont Kung Fu Academy is one of the most complete learning centers for Traditional Chinese Martial Arts in the United States. The program offered at the Academy incorporates the best of internal and external martial arts, Qi Cultivation and natural healing. The Academy also serves as a bridge crossing a vast ocean, bringing history, traditions and people of diverse cultures together.

Building a strong body and clear mind, and learning self-defense skills are at the heart of learning Kung Fu. Kung Fu is also about having the courage to stand on your own two feet, to be responsible, and to cultivate perseverance, discipline and respect.

The term Kung Fu literally means "accomplished effort through hard work". As a result, learning Kung Fu will, at times, be easy, and at other times, difficult. There will be peaks when you feel like you've got it all together, and plateaus when you feel that learning is nearly impossible. However, the rewards Kung Fu offers are real, and can change your life in the most positive ways. The instructors and staff at the Vermont Kung Fu Academy are here to help you attain your goals.

Sincerely, Sifu Arthur Makaris