Shaolin Mantis Ba Gua Zhang Tai Chi Qigong Meditation Children

The Vermont Kung Fu Academy offers a variety of classes covering a range of martial arts systems and disciplines. Although each system or discipline is a separate entity, they are included in the VKFA curriculum because they complement each other. Many students and staff members participate in more than one art taught at the Academy, and have found their training and knowledge strengthened as a result.

Shaolin Mantis at the Academy is a synthesis of Praying Mantis and Northern Shaolin styles. Yin Style Ba Gua Zhang comes directly from the late Dr. Xie Peiqi in the lineage of Yin Fu. Tai Chi is the Yang style form, taught by Janet Makaris. Qigong comprises a family of exercises for health and well-being that is interwoven into the curriculum of all classes at the Academy, as well as taught separately. Meditation class is led by Sifu Makaris, and emphasizes sitting practice and visualization. Children's classes are geared toward introducing young people to the exercise and discipline of Kung Fu.