Shaolin Mantis Practice

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As a student at the Vermont Kung Fu Academy, you will learn practical self-defense, as well as some of the most effective methods for achieving a balance of physical and mental fitness. The Academy's program improves 5 aspects of physical fitness: sharpens reflexes and increases stamina, coordination, flexibility, and strength. In addition, you will learn exercises to develop your internal energy, called chi.

Our program consists of a progressive step-by-step curriculum with 3 levels of classes: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Students progress from white to black sash. You will practice self defense drills and learn prearranged series of blocks and strikes called forms. Stretching, conditioning, and learning the history and philosophy of the system complete the practice. The knowledge and strength you'll gain at the Vermont Kung Fu Academy will enhance your life.

The traditional Northern Shaolin Praying Mantis weapons--staff, broadsword, double edged sword, spear, and more--are taught as part of our program. Students at the intermediate levels are introduced first to the staff.