Ba Gua Zhang

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Ba Gua Zhang-Eight Trigram Palm
Ba Gua Zhang is a martial art derived from Ba Gua. It is an internal martial art with emphasis on cultivating self defense skills and creating abundant health. Ba Gua Zhang is unique in martial arts in that there is an equal emphasis on principle as well as technique.

Yin Style Ba Gua Zhang
At the Vermont Kung Fu Academy we teach Yin Style Ba Gua Zhang. To quote Dr. Xie Peiqi, "There is only one Ba Gua Zhang, but there are different levels of attainment", for this reason we refer to our art as ba gua zhang and often exclude the prefix "Yin Style".

Ba Gua Zhang is based entirely on the ba gua, eight trigrams, and the I Ching, Book of Changes. We interpret each trigram, or gua, to represent body structure, energy and principle of movement. There are 8 guas and from each is derived a specific series of strikes, postures and energy. Each of these 8 is a system in itself; however, all 8 together comprise the whole Ba Gua Zhang system.


Internal Martial Art
Ba Gua Zhang is an internal martial art. We all have a tremendous amount of power in our bodies. Much of it is locked up in places we never fully access, especially in the back, waist, belly and hips. Learning how to unlock and gather that power into a unified flow is internal martial arts. Ba Gua Zhang has its own training methods for opening and developing internal strength. Once learned this skill contributes to health and gives you self-defense ability into old age.