Ba Gua Zhang Practice

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Practicing Yin Style Ba Gua Zhang

There are four aspects of practice:
Circle walking

Standing Each gua is represented by a standing posture, making eight representative or primary postures. Each standing posture contains within it eight additional postures making 64 additional or secondary postures. Standing and holding the postures develops the internal connections that are necessary to issue power in application.

Striking The 64 secondary postures are representative of strikes. Each gua then has 8 strikes associated with it (see standing above). For learning and practice there are 3 types of applications for each strike to represent high, middle and low targets. Strikes are practiced from a standing position, moving linearly, and specific 3 and 4 steeping patterns that are unique to Ba Gua Zhang.

Circle Walking Circle walking is the hallmark of Ba Gua Zhang practice teaching you how to remain rooted, suspended and sinking while in motion. Each gua has a specific size circle associated with it. Circling walking is a powerful internal exercise that contributes to the development of internal energy and self healing.

Changing Changing means changing direction while circle walking. A short form or series of strikes are combined while circling to change direction. This teaches you the specific stepping patterns that are unique to Ba Gua Zhang. Changing also implies the practice of self defense application.

Advanced Ba Gua Zhang Advanced Ba Gua Zhang involves cultivating qi and stillness through different types of standing and seated exercises.