At the Vermont Kung Fu Academy we have a few guidelines for everyone's conduct to help maintain a safe, positive, and respectful atmosphere where we all can focus on our training.

Code of Conduct
Students are expected to be polite, considerate and respectful, both at the Academy and in public outside the Academy. We teach the Kung Fu Code of Respect, Perseverance, Honesty, Kindness, and Humility because we are committed to training our minds as well as our bodies.

What to wear
A clean, washed uniform with your sash is expected at each class. Do not wear street shoes in the studio. Avoid wearing strong scents such as cologne or perfume to class. Avoid wearing necklaces, chains, large rings or earrings, or excessive jewelry to class, as it can be harmful to yourself and others.

Arrive for class on time and allow yourself time to change. If you need to leave before class is over, please tell the instructor before class begins. If you will be late or miss class, you should call or inform your instructor ahead of time.

Studio Etiquette
Once you have entered the studio in uniform, begin practicing and try to avoid getting into long or loud conversations. This a special place for training the body and mind and you should reflect this in your behavior. Respect other students' need for an atmosphere of focus and concentration.

Personal Behavior and Safety
No swearing, profanity or crude language during class or around the Academy. Do not come to class inebriated or high on drugs. There is no smoking allowed on Academy property. Rude, aggressive, violent, sexually harassing or otherwise hazardous behavior will not be tolerated. Do not bring a weapon of any kind to class unless you are being instructed in its proper use at the Academy. Other students' Kung Fu weapons should not be touched or used.

Help keep it clean
Students are asked not to wear street shoes in the studio. This helps keep the workout floor clean. Do not chew gum in class or bring food into the studio. Please be considerate of others and clean up after yourself.

If you have an injury or special physical challenges, please inform the instructor before class. If your doctor has advised you to limit or restrict any activity, let your instructor(s) know. If you are sick, stay home and get better.

Tuition should be paid on time. If you have a problem paying on time, you are expected to discuss this with someone on staff before your tuition is due.

Bring a notebook to class for notes. There will occasionally be lectures in class. The instructor may present pertinent information which you might want to write down.