Mr. Arthur Makaris has an extensive background in Chinese martial arts, Taoist and Buddhist philosophy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture, herbal medicine and qigong. He began studying martial arts in 1973. In 1981 Mr. Makaris was promoted to seventh generation instructor in the Wah Lum Tam Tui Praying Mantis system taught by Chan Poi of Orlando, Florida. He has also studied internal martial arts and Shaolin Kung Fu from Kwan Sai-hung.

Sifu Makaris graduated from the New England School of Acupuncture in 1980 with a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Mr. Makaris also studied Yin Fu style bagua from the late Xie Peiqi of Beijing, China and is a United States chapter head of the North American Yin Style Bagua Association.

At the University of Vermont School of Medicine, Mr. Makaris is an advisory board member on complementary medicine through the Department of Family Practice. He frequently lectures on Chinese philosophy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. He runs the Acupuncture and Qigong Health Center in Essex Junction, Vermont.